The Pekin Bantam Club AGM held on Sunday 22nd December 2019.


The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everybody to our Annual General Meeting which for the first time was over 1.5 hours. Apologies were received from Natalie Cecil, Simon Windle and Peter Smith. Although Peter joined us a bit later on! 


Those present were as follows:-    

Top table: - Thomas Adamson, Lauren Paterson, Liz Allonby, David Mann, Roger Thomas, Derick Hoyland


Members present were as follows:-

Nick Windle, Lauren Priestley, Liz Short, Laura Munro, Karl Scanlon, David Ross, Dylan Ross, Emily De Gray, Anne Sullivan, Angela Dupont, Freda Fisher, Lindsey Brown, Charles Kay, Matt Priestley, Tom Barron, Martin Richardson, Emma Donnelly, Ian Allonby, Dean Kay, Arthur Rice, Sandy Hildreth, Summer Maynard-Brown, Emma Lane, Simon Harvey, Richard Swale, Nicola Hine,  Kevin Rundle and Colin Gullon. 


The minutes of the 2018 AGM were read out to club members and no matters arising from it. 


The minutes of the 2019 Reading and District Bantam Society Championship Show were read out to club members and no matters arising from it.  


Thomas our Treasurer provided us with his financial report. The Club is in a good financial position having been helped by Donations from Marriages for the purchase of rosettes for our three Championship Shows. The combined balance of our two accounts is £2,169.05. Our accounts were accepted as true and correct, proposed by Artie Rice and seconded by Sandy Hildreth.     


Our President spoke briefly about the Club and thanked the judges for judging at The Fed. 


Our Chairman spoke and said after 30 years as Chairman he wished to stand down. He spoke from the heart and thanked the Club for what it had achieved.   


Election of Officers:

President – Derick Hoyland

Hon Vice President – Eddie Starkey

Chairperson – Mrs Liz Allonby proposed by Simon Harvey seconded by David Ross

Vice – Chairman – Dean Kay proposed by Davis Ross and seconded by Dylan Ross

Secretary – Roger Thomas – it was show of hands

Newsletter Editor – Lauren Paterson – it was a show of hands   

Treasurer – Thomas Adamson – it was a show of hands 

Facebook Admin Officers - Anne Sullivan and Roger Thomas – to continue

Trophy Stewards – David and Dylan Ross – to continue

New Website – Anne Sullivan  


Simon Windle, Simon Harvey, Clive Stephens and Ian Allonby – no change here

It was proposed by Ian Allonby to make David Mann an honorary Vice President. A show of hands confirmed this. David accepted the position. 


We remembered with a minutes silence for Mr Peter Hinton our former Chair and President.

Millefleur Project

Derick Hoyland mentioned the Pekins need to be a darker colour and reduce in size. 

The project has been extended for a further two to three years making a total of five years in all. 


Splash Project

Members were given an opportunity to vote for the Splash Pekin to be standardized over the next few years. It was felt it would not be good to have two colours on the go to be standardised. A few members voiced opinion that the Splash Pekin, is a ‘sport’ from Blue Pekins and is not a standardised colour in any other breed recognised and accepted by the Poultry Club of Great Britain. Members in the room voted to keep the Splash Pekin non-standard for the time being.

Personal Data

I asked members in the room to complete a Privacy Data Protection form if they had not already done so. A few members came to the Pekin stand to complete the form. 


Moving on to the Pekin Regional Shows 

Other than The National, The Fed and Newbury all other shows are Pekin Regional’s. 


It would appear we will lose the Pekin Regional at Todmorden Agricultural Show for 2020 it remains to be seen if it is reinstated for 2021. 


Northampton Show Pekin Regional had a disappointing number of Pekins back last October. Anne Sullivan judged and there were only 18 Pekins at the show on the day.   

Normally 50+ Pekins! It was agreed by members to review the situation in twelve months time. 


We have received reports second hand nature that the number of Pekins at Ashdown Forest Pekin Regional Show was 6. This has not been confirmed. However members agree this was not acceptable and decided to remove it as a Pekin Regional Show. Proposed by David Ross and seconded by Nick Windle.


We’ve had two new proposals to hold Pekin Regional Shows. The first is Castlewellan Agricultural Show, Northern Ireland and the second from the Poultry Keepers Club of Ireland.  We have lots of members from Northern Ireland and Ireland plus both shows have had good Pekin attendance in recent years. It was agreed to review the two shows in twelve months time after we have seen the results. Members agreed to allow both shows to go ahead as Pekin Regional Shows proposed by Dean Kay and seconded by Karl Scanlon. 


New Trophies

David Ross spoke of the new trophies to replace missing ones. We have received a number of sponsors for the new trophies including two trophies from Kelvin Hinton on behalf of his Father Peter Hinton. Derick Hoyland and Angela Dupont sponsored two new trophies. 

It was agreed by members to keep this momentum going and to allocate the sum of £150 towards new trophies for The National Championship Show proposed by Charles Kay and seconded by Peter Smith. 


There are a further two new trophies on behalf of the late Mrs Nicloa Drummond – Anne Sullivan and Emily de Gray are in control of this. One of these trophies will represent non standard and not sure of the other one. Anne mentioned there is enough money to purchase a third trophy, in due course.  



Subscriptions remain the same. It is £12 for club members and for Senior and Junior members to £10.00


We held a raffle like we do most years at The Fed, lots of prizes and with the help of Anne Sullivan and Emily DeGray they raised the sum of £128 towards Club finances. A big thank you Ladies!



It was agree by club members that an agenda should be posted out to all officers and committee members 14 days before the AGM.  There was a show of hands in favour of this.


We had sufficient time to award the trophies to club members.


The Chairman closed the AGM with five minutes to spare and wished everyone present a happy and healthy Christmas and a good Pekin breeding season for 2020.    


The meeting closed at 11.25 a.m. 



Reading & District Bantam Society Championship Show - Sunday 24th February, 2019.



A meeting of the Pekin Bantam Club was held at the Newbury Leisure Centre on Sunday 24th February 2019 at 11 o’clock.   


Apologies received from David Mann.


Those present were as follows:-

Top Table: - Tom Adamson, Roger Thomas, Liz Allonby and Derick Hoyland. The meeting was chaired by our Vice Chairman Mrs Liz Allonby.


Members present were as follows:-

David Ross, Dylan Ross, Nick Smith, Eddie Starkey, Clive Stephens, Mike Hatcher,

Emma Lane, Claire Renwick, Celia Edmonds, Angela Dupont, Bob Newcombe, Anne Wincott, Hywel Page, Louise Soper, Sylvia Soper, Terry and Jackie Shrewsberry, Emily DeGray, Anne Sullivan, Ian Allonby, Peter Smith, John Soper, Simon Harvey.


The minutes of the 2018 AGM were read out to those members present and there were no matters arising from them. Proposed by Derick Hoyland and seconded by Emily DeGray.


Our Vice Chairman thanked the two judges for their part at the show and both were present. All was good no complaints from the exhibitors.


Next was the Secretary’s report. It was necessary for me to explain to club members the situation that has arisen with our Pekin Website and Pay Pal account. Many years ago the website was set up by Simon Gambling and the Pay Pal account by Stefan Windle. All has been well to a certain extent. However before Christmas Pay Pal contacted me to say there had been fraudulent use of our Pay Pal Account. Naturally there hadn’t been however because I had been using Stefan’s Pay Pal account / e-mail address they put a stop to its use. Pay Pal have frozen the account for 180 days. Now this meant club members cannot pay their subs via the website. It meant me having to set up a new Pay Pal account and e-mail address called


Sadly we cannot link this Pay pal account to the website because Simon Gambling has control of the passwords. Therefore I was seeking permission from club members to set up a website so Anne Sullivan and I can operate it without being in control from someone else. It was proposed by Sandy Hildreth and seconded by Simon Harvey to go ahead with the new website. Whilst talking this through Emily DeGray said we could use Pekin Bantam at a cost of £30 for 5 years.


I advised club members that I am working with Lauren Paterson for the 2019 spring newsletter. All was good. It was felt that our financial sponsors for our newsletters should receive a thank you letter and that we appreciate their continued support. The letter to be posted to Fancy Feeds and Marriages!


Next on the agenda was the Treasurers report. Tom Adamson introduced himself. The finances are in better shape after all. However we do have the 2018 autumn newsletter to pay for. Tom did say Marriages are happy to sponsor the cost of our rosettes and this would save the Club a lot of money each year. We need to establish how much we spend to Carousel Rosettes.  


Arun Valley Poultry Society held a Pekin Regional show in January. I understand there were 55 Pekins and judged by Joshua Kittle his first Pekin judging appointment.

This Pekin regional will go ahead for 2020.


I was delighted to report Ashdown Forest Poultry Club is back on track and they will be resurrecting their Pekin Regional for their November show. Joshua Kittle has agreed to judge.    


The aim for a Pekin Regional show is to have 60 Pekins however 40 or more is acceptable. What is unacceptable is 20 or less.


Derick is in the process of updating the judges list and it was agreed that all Secretary’s of the Regional Shows should receive a judges list. Clive Stephens pointed out it is not right not to have a Pekin judge for a Pekin Regional. At the West of England (Pool Poultry Club) earlier this year we did not have a Pekin judge!  That must NOT happen again, at the meeting Simon Harvey has agreed to judge the Pekin Regional Show for Pool Poultry Club for 2020.     


David and Dylan Ross are going to look into the trophies and where possible purchase new ones! Club Members have donated money for this cause so it must be carried out soon.


The presentation of the trophies took place with Tom Adamson winning best Pekin with a Cuckoo Hen and reserve Best Pekin with his Black Pullet. Best opposite sex was Cuckoo Cockerel shown by Peter Smith.


No other business. Our vice chairman closed the meeting. 


Roger Thomas

Hon Secretary 








The Pekin Bantam Club AGM held on Sunday 16th December 2018.


The Vice-Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everybody to our Annual General Meeting. Apologies were received from Eddie Starkey, Clive Stephens, Natalie Cecil, Tom Barron and David Mann. 


Those present were as follows:-    

Top table: - Jonathan Peters, Roger Thomas, Derick Hoyland and Liz Allonby


Members present were as follows:-

David Ross, Dylan Ross, Emily De Gray, Anne Sullivan, Angela Dupont, Bob Newcombe, Anne Wincott, Freda Fisher, Lindsey Brown, Charles Kay, Matt Priestley, Lauren Sanders, Peter Smith, Ian Allonby, Dean Kay, Simon Windle, Dilwyn Green, Arthur Rice, Simon Harvey, Nick Windle, Martin Richardson, Richard Swale, Lauren Paterson, Sean Brown, Nicola Hine, Tom Adamson, Joshua Kittle, Kevin Rundle, Lynn Eales, Lindsey Shenton, and Colin Gullon. 


A copy of the 2017 AGM minutes was made available to club members. The Secretary highlighted the main points to those club members in the room. It was not read out however these minutes were carried by members of the Club. The minutes from the Reading and District Bantam Championship show were highlighted and accepted by club members.  


Jonathan our Treasurer provided us with his financial report. We have lost members mainly due to social media and funds are required if we are to maintain the quality of the twice yearly newsletters. It was agreed to look at the cost of Subs later in the agenda. The accounts were accepted as true and correct.    


Our President spoke for a few minutes mainly on the Judges Panel.  Derick made it clear to those members present the rules are in place for judges to write reports especially for the three main shows being The National, The Fed and Newbury. It was mentioned again to have judging critique cards however it was felt it was up to the judge on the day of the show whether to go ahead or not.  


Election of Officers:

President – Derick Hoyland

Vice President – Eddie Starkey

Chairman – David Mann

Vice – Chairman – Mrs Liz Allonby 

Secretary – Roger Thomas

Newsletter Editor – Roger Thomas and Lauren Paterson   

Treasurer – Thomas Adamson

Facebook Admin Officers - Anne Sullivan and Roger Thomas

Trophy Stewards – David and Dylan Ross  




Moving on to the Pekin Regional Shows 

Other than The National, The Fed and Newbury all other shows are Pekin Regional’s. At one time shows around the Country carried different status known as Area or Regional.  There is no real difference these days therefore shows are known as Pekin Regional’s.


I was pleased to announce the support for Todmorden Agricultural Show, Ribble Valley Championship Show and Northampton Autumn Show was good. Excellent number of entries at these three shows. As for the Welsh Federation Show and Royal Cheshire Show it was not good. Therefore the decision was taken by club members for these two shows to no longer stage Pekin Regional’s. As for the Welsh National Show the entries were ok so the show has been given a reprieve for 2019. Arun Valley Poultry Society wanted to stage a Pekin Regional during the middle the middle of January, 2019. Club members gave it the go ahead and Joshua Kittle was nominated to judge the Pekins. Ashdown Forest Poultry Club has not got a proper committee and therefore the Regional Show did not go ahead for 2018. However the Show is under review and hopefully good news will follow soon. 


The Millefleur project

It was decided Millefleur Pekins should be assessed for type and colour by our President Derick Hoyland at The Federation Show, Stafford. At the AGM Derick spoke of the Millefleurs. He felt many of them are still too big! Darker under colour is needed and that the outer feather colouring should reflect of the Belgium Barbu D’Uccles. The base colour really should be mahogany in colour. Good news - the winning hen was close to the required standard. It’s not going too easy for those within the Millefleur project it’s an ongoing challenge. 


Raising Subs

It was agreed for the Pekin Bantam Club to raise its subs from £10 to £12 for members and for Senior and Junior members to £10 with effect from 1st January, 2019. Proposed by Simon Harvey and seconded by Angela Dupont.


I introduced to the Pekin Bantam Club the new Privacy notice to comply with data Protection Rules. I am pleased to confirm several members have the signed the form which will allow me on behalf of the Club to divulge personal information about them for example personal address, telephone numbers etc         


We held a raffle like we do most years at The Fed, lots of prizes and with the help of Anne Sullivan and Emily DeGray they raised the sum of £103 towards Club finances. Thank you.


Marriages have kindly sponsored the autumn newsletter which is a great help.  


Our Vice-Chairman had to close the meeting rather abruptly due to the next breed club wanting the room for their meeting. I am pleased to announce at the 2019 AGM we have been a slot of 1.5 hours. Good news for all club members.